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When we announced the creation of Alternative Learning Place recently, we suddenly began receiving emails from around the globe with ideas, suggestions, and offers for help. So we decided to set up a collaborative workspace where anyone who wants to can contribute to the development of our revolutionary curriculum. We invite educators, parents, and anyone else interested in changing the face of education to join us here as we design this exciting new program. We've provided some initial ideas to get you started and are extremely excited to see what develops.

What would an ALP for 6-year-old girls look like?

Hi All-- Thanks for your input so far. (Blair -- it looks like you are recommending a separate page for each project? That is a good idea, let's go with that.)

We're getting closer to having a sample activity plan and templates created -- within the next week or two we should be able to post something up here for you to view -- with the idea that you all, if you're interested and have the time, would then write some lesson plans of your own using the sample and templates as a guide.

In the meantime -- here is a question: Some, in the wiki or in conversations Roger has had, have been averse to the idea of creating separate curricula for girls and boys. Setting aside your reservations, if you were going to develop a six-year-old girls ALP, what might it look like? What topics and activities might you include? Looking forward to your input!

Suzanne Kiggins


Six-year-old boys curriculum